captionlesbo: I'm sorry. Well, I am in the Adventure Time fandom... I like other things that's don't fall into a specific fandom though. Example: werewolves but not twilight. In addition, I also enjoy original characters too with an in-depth background. -Sam

I personally don’t rp on tumblr so I am most definitely not an expert on finding partners on this site since I just have a generally vague idea how it works. For AT, maybe go through this tag to see? People have sent advice to us in the past on this topic, so also maybe go through here to see if any of that is helpful.

I’m sorry I’m really not too much help! From what I’ve gathered, a lot of it is really just looking through rp blogs and if you see something you like, you message them and plan things out? Or there’s little… games, I guess, I don’t know the proper terminology for it is here, and you can send applications for those and join? Again, sorry I’m not good help on this.

captionlesbo: Hey! I'm Sam :) I was wondering if maybe you wanted to roleplay? If not, could you point me in the direction of where I can find partners? I'd like to say I'm over average. Thank you in advance :) btw, I'm a girl... I'm sorry if that's a problem -Sam

WELL I think it would be easier to help you find people by knowing what kind of rp you wanna do? Like do you wanna do it here on tumblr or on another site, if it’s fandom or oc, or what? It’s easier to find stuff when you’re more specific about what kinda thing you’re looking for!

graphicallyyoursplays: Stupid fun OTP headcanon to consider: The other half of your OTP walks in on your character rocking out - serious, exuberant, dance-like-no-one’s-watching, balls-to-the-wall rocking. What song are they dancing to, and what’s their reaction to being caught?

the answer to this should be one direction

(ok but seriously this is a cute idea awwwww best headcanon)

(the answer should still be one direction tho)