A friend told me she wants to do an ask blog for her RP ship.

In the interests of shipping for all, and having excuses to have your ship answer embarrassing questions from anonymous askers, if you guys were interested in that, what if I collected your links and pimped them out in one big post?

  1. aserenebeauty answered: 8’D Any q’s for half of a Link/Midna ship?
  2. sunnyradianttenacity answered: That would be awesome as hell
  3. 2xdinosaurs answered: Golly, would people even be interested in my crossover ships?
  4. arcanedysania answered: I would more than gladly have them answer embarrassing questions (I already do oops)
  5. karu-bumblebee answered: I would be SO interested.
  6. mamafriesmeal answered: oh man I’d be so interested but i don’t think I could manage another fanblog onto of the ones I’m doing now. But I’d love to follow some!
  7. tricksta-med answered: HOLY SHIT YES I need to make an ask for travis & stark<3
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