A FY!RSB Fellow RP Finder/Following/Friending meme.

Since it just came up, just reply here. Anyone interested in something like this happening?

  1. creepyold-kit-hands answered: Yes! Yes, definitely! (Even if I’m always late to them, haha.)
  2. asongstress answered: Yes!
  3. old-terriblescare answered: i’d be interested! C:
  4. secondnatured answered: sure.
  5. foxxyjones answered: I would love that.
  6. earceus answered: I’m interested too :D
  7. jebri answered: yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes did i mention YES
  8. idontevenknowokay answered: Oh yeah. I’d be so up for it.
  9. xlivvielockex answered: This sounds great.
  10. camerupts answered: Yessss ^ ^
  11. sensuji answered: ME!
  12. taxideinae answered: Yes.
  13. calephelis answered: Sure!
  14. charliehanson answered: A+
  15. randomthoughtgenerator answered: I’m always up to finding more rp buddies
  16. magebirb answered: ABSOLUTELY.
  17. mamafriesmeal answered: I would be totally interested. I’m generally playing on LJ, but if someone would explain how Tumblr RP works, I’d be happy to do it here too.
  18. profoundboners answered: Yeah!
  19. idkmywhoresilver answered: this
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